Aggressive behavior in cats and dogs

Aggressive behavior in cats and dogs

Aggressive behavior in dogs and cats is something that is said to surface out of the blue. This is surely not the case because it is usually triggered as a result of getting into their personal space. Although it may seem something very casual of them to react that way towards other pets, it can be quite dangerous when it comes to people.

While in the aggressive mood, cats tend to scratch and bite, many a times scaring their owners. Terrorizing the owners equally, dogs continue barking with bared teeth and growl behind the people in the house. In dogs, this is very commonly known as the Rage Syndrome and it may or may not take the owner by surprise.

In the felines, the behavior may act up for many unknown reasons. Sometimes, they may feel annoyed and begin to be more defensive while the owner continues to gently stroke them. Other times, they may be in a playing mood but may get serious and worked up. The aggression that seems to be surfacing can be identified with their body language, they would have their ears held back and their back arched while growling softly.

In situations as these, the wisest thing to do is to get out of sight of the pet and not try to calm it down. The efforts to restrain or discipline them would only result in making them even more fearful and aggressive.

It might be a worry for many pet owners as to what can be the reason behind such behavior. It is important to know that events such as deliberate abuse, accidental trauma from objects falling on the pet, scary stimuli such as thunder and lightning, or other animals frightening the little one may make a permanent impression on it regarding the world around it. The most critical age range when experiences have an ever lasting effect on the mind and personality of the pet is 4-12 weeks.

Consulting a pet doctor, breeders and animal shelter personnel will help you know a lot about the behavior of your pup. In case you decide to keep the little one home and attempt to spend money for its behavior modification, it is best to be prepared for the experience to dominate your home life. The change will involve a collective effort of each member of the family where the pet will be the focal point of everyone’s thoughts and activities.

It is important to be sure as to what the cause of the problem is. Many a times, one can rule out physical ailments that may trigger pain and discomfort. But if we are certain that the behavior is personality based, the choice may be to euthanize the unfortunate pet.

The step one to be able to take efforts to change the behavior of your pet is by not making excuses for their harmful behavior. They may seem to be okay most of the times but the rare times when there are outbursts, scratches and bites on children, ask yourself if it is worth putting your family in danger. In such cases where the pet proves to be a threat to human safety, it is time to set aside emotional attachment and look at the situation objectively.

Simply put, the animal cannot help being who it is. Unfortunately, who it is can be a danger to human health. It’s a no win situation for all involved.

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