Basic Stuff, Glammed Up! Must-Haves For Your Pet

Basic Stuff, Glammed Up! Must-Haves For Your Pet

Get ready Pet Parents because here we have a special edition with the must-haves for your little ones! Keep scrolling!

  1. Washable beds

There is no place like home and for every pet, you are theirs! Every pet loves to spend time while cuddling with you but also deserves a place of their own to spend their “me time”. This makes choosing an exceptionally comfortable, stylish and easy-to-clean bed very important. Pick a durable, high-grade washable material bed with a base pillow and bolsters for comfort.

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  1. Toys

And when they all said that adopting a pet is like having a new born, it was true! Every pet parent is sure to agree to this statement, is it or is it not? 

There is absolutely no difference between a pet and a baby in terms of the amount of love, care and attention one needs to ensure. Just as toddlers, furry four-legged balls of cuteness also need toys to play with. Toys help in channelizing their energies and beat boredom, also ensuring oral and health care.

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  1. Collars and Leashes

Going for walks, trips and also to visit friends is a daily dose of refreshment for parents and their little ones. Activities as frequent and common as these will get more difficult without Collars and Leashes. 

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  1. Towels

Now many new pet parents may think why is this so important? Well, here’s a simple tip! A challenging task in dog grooming is to dry your little one as wet fur is a poor insulator and may cause a quick loss of heat and make it susceptible to illness. This is why one needs a highly absorbent, washing machine friendly and a light weight towel to dry and keep your furry one warm.

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  1. Seat covers

Dirt and pet hair has always been a problem when it comes to travelling with pets. An easy solution to this is having a car seat cover which helps to minimize their amount and is also smartly designed to make the seats look attractive and stylish! 

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Hold on to these set of must-have list of pet products that will surely help you at all times! 

Happy Parenting!

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