Best ways to calm your cat


Best ways to calm your cat

Having a cat at home is like having an intelligent, sensitive being around yourself. Most commonly claimed by parents is the fact that they are creatures of habit and comfort and tend to feel scared and stressed out for a lot of reasons.

The best way to point out stress is by identifying the signs. Their body language gives them away and with their expressions, tension in the body, size of the pupils, movement and direction of the ears, it is easy to figure a change out.

But what after you’ve learned that they are stressed out? What do you do?

Calming the cat down is surely what needs to be done but it is also important to know that it is a very delicate process and needs to be done in a way that helps the cat and not stress it out even more.

Following are some ways to get the little back into its happy mood:

1-Keep the cat essentials handy

Don’t neglect the basic needs of the cat. Give the fur ball things that they would need in the places that they are the most comfortable in. Place the essentials far apart from potentially scary rooms or spots for your cat.


2-Play some calm music

Felines are sensitive to noise. Cats may be frightened for a lot of reasons, one of them being loud noises. A solution to this can be an alternative calm music.


3-Give them anti-anxiety treats and medications

Trying to calm the cat down can also be done when the way to its heart is through the tummy!

Try to give it treats that are specifically designed to have calming effects. Before you provide it with any other google-searched remedy, consult the vet to be sure of what you’re doing isn’t going to harm the health of the cat as per its medical history.


4- Play with your cat

Most felines love to play. Playing has proven to be a valuable tool to deal with chronic stress. Cats that are usually afraid of unfamiliar environments better adjust to them through play. Regular games and fun time helps to reap calming benefits.


5-Use essential oils

Pretty much as humans, the scent of essential oils have a calming effect on the cats. Vets usually take help of them while dealing with cats that are aggressive.

Air the room with a couple of drops of lavender oil and wait to watch the effects of it on your little one.


Try these tips to calm your rather scared and stressed out furball to quickly bring back their playful selves.

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