Boarding options for pets

Boarding options for pets

Pets may not be able to speak but they have the ability of sensing things. So if you think that you are planning a trip, packing bags and they don’t know that you’re leaving without them, you’re surely mistaken! Pets feel sad and depressed too and it will be visible with the way they cozy up and the way they look at you. 

Surely, if the little ones are not invited for the trip, it is a task for the owners as well as they now have to decide where to leave the pet safely before they go. With this article, you would be able to know your options and select the one you’re most comfortable with.

  • Pet sitting

The term gives it away. Pet sitting is just like baby sitting at the home of the parent. Most pets feel comfortable in their own environment and so hiring an experienced pet sitter works best. The sitter can either stay or come at various timings to feed the pet, take it out for walks and play. 

  •  In-home pet boarding

While it might not be possible for someone to come over to feed and look after the needs of your little one, In-Home pet boarding gives the option of leaving the pet at the sitter’s home before you leave for the vacation. This type of boarding helps the pets to meet other pets and gives them the opportunity to socialize with them. This option can be more affordable than the rest and it offers additional security of not lending the keys to your house to a stranger.

  • Traditional Boarding (Kennels and Catteries)

Traditional Boarding i.e leaving your pet in kennels and catteries is one of the most opted options while leaving pets during vacations. Boarding facilities are opted for the constant professional supervision that they provide on your pet. All the needs of the pet can be taken care of at the right time with the opportunity to meet other pets as a bonus point. 

  • Leave them with a family friend

Isn’t your pet always surrounded by people the moment you take it for a walk? When family members, friends and neighbors go crazy to see them, why not think about leaving your little one with them for a few days? This option works really well as no matter what the nature of the pet is, it is familiar with those faces. They would pay equal attention to your little one and can easily contact you in case of emergencies. 


We hope this article helped you in choosing the best option while you plan your trip away without your little one!

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