Facts to know about your dog’s saliva

Facts to know about your dog’s saliva

Uh, aren’t we all showered with the sloppy kisses and licked till the end of time when we’re home after a long day? Affection between humans and their pups is no secret but what is uncommon is the level of education we all have when it comes to their saliva, the bacteria and also the impact of it on humans and pets themselves. Here are some facts you need to know about their saliva!

  1. It helps to prevent cavities

Human saliva is not as effective in keeping the cavities at bay and this is why regular brushing is always recommended for us. But when it comes to dog saliva, it is better suited for them to prevent cavities. Their saliva is slightly alkaline with the pH around 7.5-8. This alkaline nature helps in buffering the acids that are produced by some bacteria that are the enamel of the tooth being eroded away.

  1. Saliva helps in digestion

There is a common misconception that the saliva of the dogs helps in digestion of food which is not the case. There are no digestive enzymes present and the saliva is simply designed to get the food down so that the digestion process can begin.

  1. Their saliva is antibacterial

The saliva of the pups can never be a direct cause of infection. This is because it contains chemicals that are antibacterial. This antibacterial characteristic is why dogs are often seen lick their wounds as a cleansing action. Of course this doesn’t mean that the wounds can be completely healed the same way and so vet visits are still crucial and important.

  1. It may cause allergies to humans

Most times when there is any allergic reaction, it is blamed on the shedding of the fur. But there is a very strong possibility that humans get affected by allergies due to the saliva. Many of these allergies stem from the proteins that are found in the dog saliva which the research shows that there are 12 different ones present. When dogs lick their fur, the saliva dries, and these proteins become airborne.

  1. Dog kisses and licking transfer the bacteria to humans

Well the sentence is self-explanatory enough.

Did you ever know about these characteristics? We are sure you didn’t!

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