Foods to calm the anxiety of your pets!


Foods to calm the anxiety of your pets!

Haven’t we all heard the phrase, “Don’t focus on how much you eat, focus on what you eat”? A healthy living isn’t only a result of exercise but also of a planned diet. Just as us, pets too need to be provided with healthy food that helps to boost immunity and in many cases calm their anxiety.

While some foods act as stimulants, others have a calming influence. Keep reading to know the foods to feed your pets to calm their anxiety, and to help them regain strength and confidence.


Loaded with vitamin E, B, magnesium and zinc, almonds help to support healthy nervous system function of a pet. It produces the “happy” chemicals in the brain which helps the body to become more resilient during the times of stress.


2- Sweet Potato

Known to be one of the world’s healthiest foods, Sweet Potatoes are packed with vitamins, complex carbohydrates that help regulate blood sugar levels, potassium that helps maintain fluid and electrolyte balance, which is good news for maintaining healthy heart function and reducing anxiety.



Providing your pups with mini-powerhouses of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants is just a diet with fresh blueberries away. These mini-powerhouses protect the pet from effects of stress, all one has to do is add a few to the food before serving.



Loaded with nutrients like vitamins along with calcium, manganese, copper, potassium and iron, Kale is a great source of fiber. It has antioxidants that help protect the pet against oxidative stress, chronic inflammation and even cancer. Isothiocyanates made from the glucosinolates in Kale play an important role in these preventive, stress-protective qualities.


5-Whole oats

Whole oats prove to be good choices for dogs as they don’t overwhelm the blood with sugars that causes a surge in insulin.


With these foods in the diet of your pet, be sure that you have kept their anxiety problems at bay or at controlled levels.

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