How to Speak a Dog’s Language? Ft. Bo

How to Speak a Dog’s Language? Ft. Bo

Hi, I Would Like to Introduce myself! My name is BO. 

My name is inspired from “Good Boi”.

We all know that I am the Goodest Boi of them all. Also, I’m going to help my Fellow Good Boi`s & Good Girls get rewarded by their Hoomans. 

For Beginners I’m going to Teach you Hoomans how to Speak the Doggo Language:

Hello, here’s your guide at the dog lamguage..

Rule No. # 1 : no capital letters


rule number 2: umm woof, i forget. anyway lets get it started..

Chicken -> chimkin

(don’t screw this up, this is very impawtent)

Ball -> bol

allriot, some dogoos consider this their FABORIT toys because bols    

seeking of bols ….

Large -> lorge

eh.. never mind…

Bark -> bork

(bark is for trees, but trees have squbirells.. hmm…..)

Confuse – > bamboozle

(ok..this one is near and dear to my hart… am always bamboozled)

Lick Noise -> mlem, mlem or blep

(tis is when you tonge do a blep)

Scare -> big frighten

My hoomans face

Hope you good bois enjoyed…

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