In-Home Pet Boarding

In-Home Pet Boarding

The vacation mood has been set on and you sure must have booked your trip, researched and decided on the places that you ought to visit, packed your bags and are ready to fly with a lot of excitement. But HOLD ON! Are you forgetting something?

The biggest bummer and a matter of worry during vacation time is where is your pet going to stay while you’re away! One of the best options to kill the worry is In-Home Pet Boarding.

What is In-Home Pet Boarding?

This is how it works! It means finding a suitable home for your pet in your vicinity with a trusted professional to take care of the health and needs of the pet while you’re away. Now you may wonder as to how to possibly trust the sitter. This is simple. There is always a background check that has been done if you find the home of the professional through a registered application or in case of a small, local business; you will always be welcomed by them to do the background check yourself.

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Why pick an In-home Pet Boarding facility?

With multiple facilities as those of Pet Sitters and Pet Kennels, why must one choose an In-home Pet Boarding Facility instead? Here’s why!

  • Socializing

This is an advantage over the Pet Sitting facility as staying home alone or even with a stranger while your family is away is surely a stressful routine. In-House Pet Boarding involves a few other pets from mainly the same locality. This helps your little one mingle with the other wet-noses, play and stay longer with their own kind.

  • Professional Care

So if you think that a boarding is going to mean an alteration in the daily routine of the pet, you’re absolutely wrong! 

Professionals in this kind of a facility offer individual attention to each pet, ensure regular walks, trips to the park, maintain and follow the eating schedules, bathroom breaks, grooming necessities and daily exercise regimes to make the pet feel more like home and comparatively less anxious.

  • Provide Medical Needs

The case of pet-sitters who keep visiting the pet from time to time leaves a huge concern regarding the safety of the pet. The same concern arises in the case of a Kennel as any kind of a medical need that arises for your little may go unnoticed as there is no one to constantly keep an eye.

Filling the gap comes the Boarding facility where all the medical needs and medical history has been recorded and individual attention is sure to help the professional to immediately know when the little one needs help of any sort.

Although leaving your pet behind might bring some jitters, it surely involves a lot of thought and also needs you to consider the lifestyle that you have by far successfully provided your pet. There may be many options available but the Boarding facilities are always the most recommended due to the surety of safety, cleanliness and expert care. 

We hope you make the right choice. 

Petscura wishes you a safe trip and a safe stay to your little one!

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