Mistakes pet parents make at the vet


Mistakes pet parents make at the vet

Visiting a vet is an important part of keeping your four-legged little one in good health. There can be many reasons to visit the vet, be it reporting a change in the behavior of your pet or a regular checkup.

It is very understandable that the vet’s visit can be tense and stressful for some, but there are certain habits that are the worst to adopt. At least for the sake of your pet, avoid the very common following mistakes you constantly make at the vet’s office.

1-Not letting the vet know that your pet isn’t social

The vet’s office is one place where everyone has the sense of safety of oneself and their pet. It is wise to not keep it a secret and speak up to let the vet know that your pet isn’t really social or is usually frightened or aggressive.

No vet wants to have a fight or an unnecessary injury to occur in the place that is meant to treat and cure ailments for pets.

With frightened or aggressive pets, it is best to wait in the car outside and request the staff to call you in when the turn is yours.

Whatever be the behavior, the key is to let the vet know!


2-Letting your little one be too friendly

Having an unfriendly dog is one thing and having an overly-social one is another. Many pups get overwhelmed with the other pets waiting in the same room which may lead to problems at the vet’s office. Other pets may be coming for an illness that is painful or that makes a pet aggressive and having a social butterfly around who can’t curb its desire to make new friends may tense up things.

It is important for the pet parent to understand the behavior of their pet and keep them on leash no matter how well-trained they are. The best to not create problems is by waiting in an empty room or in the car and request the staff to call you in.


3- Not providing the vet important information

Every little detail about your little one is important. Although the staff is always trained to ask the right and important questions, it is job of the parent to give away every little detail that they have. It is important to be aware as there may be information that can help in explaining the dog’s ailment more clearly.

In cases when a new vet is being consulted, the medical history reports need to be taken along for the vet to be familiar. The history of diseases, sickness and the medications earlier given to the pet will help the new vet to make accurate diagnosis and plan a safe and effective treatment.


Avoiding these major mistakes at the vet is surely going to make the life of the vet and other pets a lot more easier. So the next time you visit, make sure you try and avoid these three mistakes!

Have a happy visit!

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