Puppy Proofing Checklist


Puppy Proofing Checklist

Puppy proofing the apartment before your little bundle of joy arrives is very important. Begin to walk the entire house to make a mental list of all the things a pup could eat, climb on, or pull down and then secure each one of those.

Keep reading to add the basics to your list and keep in mind that anything you’d take away from a toddler, you should make out of reach from your new baby dog, too.


Hide the trash cans in the house and get securely-locking lids. Watch out for any trash lying around the house such as aluminum foil, plastic wrap, plastic canisters etc.



Invest in covers for your outlets which can be licked by puppies, and get covers for wires, especially around the holidays when you have more lighting in the house.



Secure lamps, bookshelves, and decorations that the little one can possibly pull down. Move any open storage, like baskets and crates full of craft supplies, coins, shoes, or toys to a closed closet.



Puppies have no problem chewing up child-proof lids and gobbling what’s inside. Move all medication and toiletries out of reach.



Drain cleaners can be deadly if swallowed and most other cleaners are toxic. Secure all of your cleaning supplies in cabinets and get cabinet locks if needed!


With these basics kept in mind, we believe that you are good to go!

Congratulations on bringing home a new member and we wish you a very happy parenting!

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