Questions and Considerations About In-Home Boarding Pet Sitters

Questions and Considerations About In-Home Boarding Pet Sitters

In-House Pet Boarding makes a fairly decent choice for you while deciding on leaving your pet behind to go on a vacation. While spotting the right boarding and meeting with any potential sitter, there need to be certain considerations and questions to keep in mind regarding the environment plus other factors. 

We, at Petscura, have a list ready for you:

  1. Is the home clean?

Every sitter is perfectly okay with you inspecting their home to ensure your pet’s safety. Do not shy away from asking and take that opportunity to make sure it is clean and safe for the well-being of the pet!

  1. Are there any other pets?

Being a pet parent, you sure would know the nature of your pet. Is it friendly or easily scared? Judge the place according to your pet’s reaction to the new environment and towards the other pets. It is also crucial to know the breed and size of other pets in that house to ensure your furry one has enough space to move around, play and have a comfortable stay. 

  1. How is the sitter/watcher’s personality?

The house is not the only thing that is going to determine the safety of your little one. Meet with the sitter to judge their nature. Talk to them enough to be able to correctly guess if they are kind, calm, responsible and reliable.

  1. What is the routine followed by the sitter?

Understand the routine of the sitter and have an honest conversation about the physical and medical needs of the pet during the specific hours of the day. Make sure you understand their availability and activities during those hours for the important necessities of the pet to be provided efficiently. 

  1. Discuss other details

Other than interviewing the person, take their multiple contact details and provide yours in case of emergencies. Share with them more information about the nature of your pet, its needs and medical history to ease out the sitter’s job.

With this list of questions and considerations handy, you are sure to ensure if you’re choosing the right In-Home Pet Boarding facility. Do not compromise on any of the above mentioned points and if the facility demands a compromise on any, look for another sitter!

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