Reasons to allow pets at work places


Reasons to allow pets at work places

Many of the pet parents can only dream of taking their little ones along to work to be able to keep an eye on them and also to lighten up their mood when the times get rough. Other than the worry about the possibility of allergies, there is no other reason to hold back.

Here are 5 reasons that explain why taking dogs to your workplace is a great idea.

1-Dogs reduce stress

How can one possibly not feel relaxed with a dog around? Dogs have proved to be instant mood boosters. Since they would need frequent toilet breaks and walks, they act as a constant reminder for you to get up, take a break that you need and feel refreshed.


2- Brings the team together

In many workplaces, people tend to keep to themselves. Having an office dog around can prove to be an incredibly powerful bonding tool as dogs promote friendly, social interactions which can boost working relationships. You can’t walk past someone’s desk and ignore a cute little puppy sitting next to their desk! Interacting with someone’s dog naturally leads to you interacting with its owner. Dogs can do an excellent job in pulling people’s attention away from their computer screens which leads to interactions which can help team members bond and boost morale.


3-Petting a dog reduces blood pressure

Stroking the dog during the time of your breather helps in reducing blood pressure. Playing with them increases levels of the stress-reducing hormone, Oxytocin. It is also scientifically proven that having a dog around reduces the risk of developing heart disease. Dogs put one in a good, happy mood which enhances the overall job performance.


4-They save the owner’s money

Allowing the employees to bring the pets along to work helps them to save dog walking and dog care service costs.


5-They help to create a welcoming atmosphere

Having a dog at office isn’t just beneficial for the employees but also for the clients and visitors who come to office. Having a dog in the office isn’t just beneficial for employees, it is also beneficial when clients and other visitors come to the office. Any meeting is bound to get off to a good start when your visitor is greeted by a friendly dog. Dogs have the ability to put a smile on faces, and a dog friendly office shows visitors that your business is approachable, friendly and dedicated to keeping employees happy.


So if you’re planning to make your office a pet-friendly place, don’t give it a second thought and just do it!

Have a happy workplace!

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