Reasons why every child needs a dog


Reasons why every child needs a dog

Known to be the Man’s Best Friend, dogs are the most valued part of the family. Although with time, concerns may arise as to what if the dog harms the young child in the house, there are many other positive aspects of having a dog near them.

Keep reading to find out the reasons why every child needs a dog.

1- They reduce stress in children, particularly those with Autism

Petting a dog is not only relaxing and soothing for the dog but also for the one doing it. To a lot of people, petting and cuddling with a furry companion has a therapeutic effect. Study also shows that it helps in reducing stress as dogs happen to have a clear impact on children’s stress hormone levels.


2-The dog will keep the child safe

Once the dog is past the initial phase and has learned to be around the child, it considers the child a part of its pack and strives to protect him/her. Depending on the breed and their temper, the behavior of the dog may vary but not the fact that they would do anything to keep the child safe and sound.


3-Dogs are great listeners

For kids and grown up kids, dogs have proved to be great listeners. Sometimes they may not get what you’re saying but due to their unconditional love and support, one experiences a psychological benefit of having someone around. Children may sometimes not feel like talking to their parents but may end up feeling better by blabbering in front of the dog.


4-Dogs encourage exercise

Families that own a dog tend to be more active and take their children along when it is time for the pet to go for a walk. By going for refreshing long walks and playing games at the parks, the dogs indirectly help in making the children more active and fit, thus helping in reducing health problems.


5-Dogs can help in making the child more responsible

Young children are fast at learning skills and developing behavior. As much as parents try to teach their kids responsibility at a young age, it can be taught and made to practise by them by giving them tasks to take care of.

Assigning the child tasks as feeding the dog at a certain time, refilling the water bowl, cleaning up after it poops, taking it for walks etc would help the child get more disciplined .


Despite millions of reasons to get home a dog, it is important to know that they are a responsibility. There need to be proper steps taken if the baby hasn’t been born yet as it is crucial to get the dog ready for the time when it arrives.

If you already have a baby and paranoid about how would the dog be around the child, stay calm. Train the pup well and it will sure prove to be of no disappointment.

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