Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food


Available in: 3 kg, 12 kg

Recognized for their long, flax-coloured and dense coat, they are most likely to have skin irritation. They are genetically prone to specific heart problems, and also known for their intelligent and inquisitive nature. As a breed they are well known for their hearty appetite and excessive eating habits. This is why our Golden Retriever food is specifically formulated for their specific needs is important to ensure your puppy grows up to be the beautiful Golden he’s meant to be.

Key Benefits

  • Exclusive complex of nutrients for skin and coat health
  • Enriched with taurine, EPA and DHA for healthy cardiac function
  • Appropriately balanced to help maintain ideal weight
  • Optimal kibble size, shape and texture to encourage chewing


ROYAL CANIN® BREED HEALTH NUTRITION® is designed exclusively for pure breed Golden Retrievers over 15 months. This dog food features a combination of nutrients to meet the unique needs of the pure breed Golden Retriever adult. With exclusive kibble shape to encourage chewing, nutritional expertise of Royal Canin and practical experience of Breeders, this food is a perfect match for the Golden Retriever.

Key Product Benefits

Kibble technology

The Golden Retriever has a straight muzzle and teeth that meet in a scissors bite. The kibble size, shape and texture of the Golden Retriever formula are designed specifically for this breed and encourage him to chew.

Healthy Skin & Coat
The dense, water-resistant undercoat of the Golden Retriever stores heat and retains humidity making them prone to skin problems. That’s why the ROYAL CANIN® Golden Retriever food is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids EPA&DHA and omega 6 fatty acids in borage oil to help support the skin’s barrier role and coat vitality.

Healthy Cardiac Function
Golden Retriever breed dogs are prone to cardiac sensitivity. The Golden Retriever Adult formula contains taurine, EPA & DHA to help support working heart cells and promote life-long heart health.

Ideal Weight
Excess weight gain can affect the health of Golden Retrievers. An appropriately balanced food is therefore necessary. This formula helps maintain the Golden Retriever’s ideal weight

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