Sudden Weight Loss in pets


Sudden Weight Loss in pets

Pet parents have the common problem of pampering their little ones and giving in when the pet craves for something to eat. There are enough cases when the pets become overweight but the number of them losing weight is not low either.

Vets and nutritionists may plan a weight loss diet for obese pets but unplanned or rapid weight loss may be symptomatic of something serious. Here are the most common reasons for unwanted weight loss in pets:

1- Stress

Stress can cause a change in the appetite of the pet. A reduction in the amount of food consumed can cause weight loss and even weakness. A vet needs to be consulted immediately when alterations in the appetite are noticed.


2- Parasites

Parasites enter the body through the ingestion of contaminated food or water, and induce illness and weight loss. Along with weight loss, symptoms of an intestinal parasite in pets can include include vomiting, soft stools, diarrhea and/or decreased appetite.


3- Cancer

Intestinal cancer is one that causes weight loss in both dogs and cats. The tumor may appear in the stomach, intestines, or rectum and other symptoms include vomiting, poor appetite, and abdominal pain. Also, any type of cancerous process can cause weight loss, including cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gallbladder and kidneys.


4- Dental Disease

Oral pain may lead to weight loss in pets, as dogs and cats then have a hard time chewing the food given to them.


5- Changing Diet

It is not only medical conditions that makes a pet lose weight. Weight loss can also occur due to the change in diet. If you plan to change your pet’s food, check the ingredient labels of both brands and make the swap based on calories.


The above pointers are sure to help you identify the causes to weight loss and treat them as soon as possible for the well-being of your pet.

We wish you a safe, healthy pet parenting!

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