Things your dog can easily sense


Things your dog can easily sense

Call it magic but plenty of people can swear on anything that their canine mates can sense a few things before they happen. Creepy enough or exciting enough?

What seems to be a mere intuition sometimes proves to be a remarkable sense of smell, a face and body language reading and a mood scan!

For all those who don’t know them yet, there are amazing things that a dog can sense.

  1. Sense your moods

Believe it or not, dogs can use visual cues to know in a second what your mood is like. They are expert body language readers and have evolved to read one’s feelings. This is mainly because they themselves rely on the close emotional bonds they share with people around them to survive.

It is best to never be surprised when your dog doesn’t approach you when you’re in an angry and aggressive mood as they already know it and are keeping distance, waiting for the time you calm down. Not only anger but the dog can sense any mood is sure to be the one sitting next to you whenever you’re low to make you feel better.



Dogs Can Sense Pregnancy

Dogs can sense pregnancy in women and if not really that then surely they can sense that something major has changed in her body. Not only can they sense changes in behavior but also the changes in hormonal levels, changes in the lifestyle etc.


Dogs Can Predict Oncoming Seizures

Researchers say that dogs can predict seizures in humans before they happen. The best explanation is that before the seizure occurs, the elevated stress levels are picked up by the dog. De-stressing you is then their main task and pulling you out for a walk is something that it might do to avoid you from experiencing one.


Dogs Can Sense Storms

It is a well-documented phenomenon that dogs can sense the upcoming storms. The changes in the behavior of the dog helps to know that something is wrong. Known to be great weather forecasters, dogs when sense a drop in the barometer pressure, or changes in static electricity levels etc begin to whine, pace around, freak out and also hide under furniture.


Dogs May Be Able to Sniff Out Cancer

Dogs have recently proven to have capabilities of sniffing out cancer. When tested to identify ovarian cancer by sniffing chemical compounds in the blood, lung and breast cancer by smelling the breath of a person, they were very well able to alert the medical professionals and researchers to these different forms of cancer.


Surprising, isn’t it? Dogs have many hidden capabilities and can easily sense a few things relating to the family they belong to and also the environment they live in.

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