Ways to make your dog sleep at night


Ways to make your dog sleep at night

Dogs, mainly pups tend to wake up in the middle of the night and whimper to get you out of bed. Doesn’t it sound frustrating when it will happen night after night? It sure does!

Keep reading to discover ways to make your little one sleep straight through the night.

1- Plan and set up a routine

For a few days or even months, keep things consistent. Take the dog for walks at the same time each day, and feed it a few hours before sleep to help it comfortably digest the food. Try to stick to the same routine even on weekends. Avoid excessive treats and exciting games just before bed and take it out to pee so that it doesn’t have to wake up again to excrete.

Following a routine will make them feel tired and also realize when it is time to sleep.


2-Give your furry pal a lot of exercise

Depending on the breed and size, dogs must be given a minimum of half an hour to two hours of exercise. This will make them feel tired and help in leading to a night of uninterrupted sleep.


3-Give them a good sleeping environment

Ensure you get your pet a comfortable bed with a warm blanket. Shut the excess lights and cut out the noise outside home to help them sleep soundly.


4- Take your dog to the Vet

The reason for your pooch not being able to sleep enough may be an underlying medical condition. Visit the vet to discuss changes in behavior, appetite and sleeping pattern to follow expert recommendations and help it sleep at night.


5-Consider your own sleep habits

Sharing your home with your dog and having irregular sleeping patterns would confuse it. If you go to bed at midnight, then sometimes at 10 p.m and other times at 2 a.m, it would confuse the dog. Consistency with your own sleeping pattern will help your dog with his. Consider speaking with your own doctor if your own sleep schedule is a concern and becomes a reason for your dog to wake up each night.


A good night’s sleep is extremely important for you and your pal. Follow these tips to get your little one get the sleep it needs.

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