Ways to tell your cat is family

Ways to tell your cat is family

Cats are very different from dogs and ofcourse that is something that must go without saying. They most times seem to be indifferent and love solidarity but despite of it all, they do love the pet parents and have their own unique ways to express and show it. It just might be hard to tell sometimes.

Be prepared to get surprised by keeping an occasional lookout for the following telltale signs that your cat loves you so you’ll always know that it considers itself a part of your family.

The Forehead Touch

Although it might just not last more than a few seconds, cats sometimes do a light forehead-to-chin nuzzle which simply translates the trust it has invested in you and that your company is very much enjoyed.

The Kneader

You’ve undoubtedly seen this behavior in your cat before, and probably wondered just what the heck it means. Kneading, or the milk tread, happens when your cat flexes and relaxes its front paws against some soft object. The original intent of this gesture comes from when cats are kittens and they use the behavior to stimulate the release of milk from the mother’s teat during nursing. As they grow, however, many cats keep up the behavior when they’re on something soft or when they feel content.

The Tail Twitch

While most times it is true that cats puff out their tails because of annoyance or fear, if your cat comes up to you with its tail hoisted lazily in the air, with the tip twitching back and forth, it is actually showing you a sign of affection.


The very first sign of love from your cat are the steady, rhythmic sounds. Purring is the ultimate sign of contentment, and in your presence, a throaty purr from your feline friend means it is more than happy to sit back, and relax.

The Attention Getter

When your cat is sick of your attention being diverted elsewhere, it will let you know. This is the time when she will intervene in your daily routine work like walking and sitting on your laptop while you work. These signs mean that it is trying to grab your attention and be pampered by you.

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