Why your dog is better than your boyfriend


Why your dog is better than your boyfriend

Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend. Well that pretty much includes the ladies as well! In fact, it might even be safe to say that a dog makes a better companion than many people out there. You might be single, but if you’ve got a dog, you’ll probably realize your pet comes with perks that a boyfriend lacks. Looks like you’re a winner, after all.

It might sound funny but this is something every female needs to read. Call it the feminist issue or a boyfriend-bashing session, these points are sure to make you say, “Damn why can’t I just date my dog instead?”.

DISCLAIMER: This article isn’t for the serious people and those in a healthy relationship! And we know all men aren’t the same (take it easy).

Dogs Never Cheat

Yes, we can hear the outcry that no guy is the same and not all cheat. We agree! The dog, well he is the guy who never will. Nothing will ever change, from his excitement to see you to his wagging tail and happy smile when you wake up each morning.

That’s one forever kinda commitment they seem to always be ready for and they won’t miss to keep their promise to love you till the end of time.


Skinny, Fat, Plump. Whatever your size maybe, they will love you!

We all just love to cuddle, don’t we? Your boyfriend may or may not be in the mood to cuddle but your dog always will be. There is no pressure to lose weight because they love you and don’t bother about the size. Infact, the plumper you are, the more your dog will love to cuddle with you. The best point is that they are absolutely okay with a public display of affection. They won’t ever have a problem to show your bond off to others. Uh, priceless little sweeties, aren’t they?


  1. Their excitement to see you never fades away

After a long day, it feels great to know that someone missed you. A dog would never be mad at you after a hectic and tiring day, demanding explanations as to why didn’t you try to get in touch. They will always come running with the same happiness, wagging tails and wet noses.


  1. Dogs feel guilty when they are wrong

How many evenings have you spent arguing and belly aching over something your boyfriend did wrong but just won’t accept the mistake? Oh nevermind, all must have lost the count maybe. Dogs always have the expression of guilt on their face when they do something wrong as if they are owning up to what wrong they have done. Ah! The quality only ideal men possess.


  1. You can train a dog

Alright, it doesn’t mean that women want to train their partners! (Gee, calm down). But let us all agree to the fact that there are certain habits of partners that no one really is fond of and would love if that person changes it. It never happens, does it? With dogs at least you have an option of training them to not do a few things. You can train them to eat at the right time and you can train them not to whine! (sounds like heaven).


All these reasons are sure to show you how your dog is a better partner than anyone else! Agreed?

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